Jim called my bluff

It is difficult thinking about the person that I used to be before I met Jim. His life coaching has helped me to see the many open doors that I had available to me. More importantly it enabled me to find it within myself to choose what doors to walk through and which ones to avoid. Gone are the days of feeling like I always have to look back on the mistakes I made. Today I am moving forward embracing the good as well as the bad and just tossing it all into life’s pot of gold. Some coins are a little dirtier than others, but in the end they all spend the same. Jim asked me the hard questions that I needed to be asked. It really made me think about my decisions from a different light. Learning how to do this is a lesson that will not only ensure my success in all aspects of life but it is going to be a great tool that I will be able to pass onto my children. I had support when I needed it and I also had someone willing to call my bluff and hold my feet to the fire when I needed that too. Thank you again Jim. ~ T.T., Hastings, MI

Jim is gifted at helping others

I have been a coworker and friend of Jim's for several years. I have been impressed with his wisdom, empathy, willingness to listen, and ability to bring clarity to emotionally charged situations. Jim is gifted at helping others to identify their strengths and passions and at providing unfailing encouragement. I would highly recommend him as a life coach for anyone who is ready to identify a life path that utilizes their talents and passions and to set goals that will help them get there. ~ C.S., Grand Rapids, MI

Jim provides rock solid advice

Have you ever felt like you were one of the people on the ouside looking in and wondered why? I understand completely because I was that very person when I met Jim over 30 years ago. He was the one person I knew who always knew how to find the best traits in someone. His positive outlook and approach to life is what made him a trusted friend and confidant. He always provides objective observations & rock solid advice. When I feel "stuck" in the same old ruts, I work with Jim to re-focus my life's visions. As a result of working with Jim, I no longer feel like I'm on the outside looking in. I'd highly recommend him as a Life Coach. I promise you, your life will never be the same again! ~ R.L., Sandusky, OH

We owe this all to you Jim

When my husband and I were separated, back in 2007, the next step as many know, would have been a divorce. We both seemed to not want to try, and yet neither wanted that out come either. We didn't want a broken home for our child, with another one on the way.

Before we separated he loved to party, drink, and use recreational drugs. Those were not the things I wanted my children to be around. Slowly my heart for him turned cold. I had hated the man he was, and hated myself for the way I handled it. I moved out so he could just deal with himself. My sister told me "Just try counseling" and gave me a phone number. It was to a counseling center where Jim had been working.

"Let's just give it a try, and see where it takes us." I said, but had very little hope. It was one of the best choices we had made since I had met my husband.

We visited Jim one night a week for over a year! Within that time my heart softened, he quit his "party life", I gave birth to our baby, and then we moved back in together. The 4 of us have been much happier.

A few years after we had stopped going and seeing Jim, we ran into him at a H. S. football game. We were so happy to see him and tell him how we had been doing. We had moved into a different home, had another baby, and most of all we were happy. "We owe this all to you Jim" is all I could say. If my sister had never given me that number, I'm not sure where we would be today! Thanks Jim!

~ T.L.S., Jenison, MI

Jim was able to connect with patients

I had the pleasure of working with Jim Knight for 2 years in my capacity as a hospice nurse whilst he was a spiritual care provider for hopsice. Jim was available day or night to assist families and patients in their final journey, providing unending support and care to them. With his caring demeanor, patients and families opened up to him, and shared their concerns, thoughts and hopes, and prayers. Jim was able to connect with patients quickly with his easy-going, supportive manner, listening skills and ability to understand patients and families on every level. Having Jim as a life coach would be a blessing for anyone involved. ~ J.L., RN, Grand Rapids, MI