Life Coaching

A Life Coach offers a professional partnership uniquely designed to help you evaluate and enhance the purpose and meaning of your life.

Life Coaching

What is Life Coaching?

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Identifying and Cultivating Your Core Values

The initial stage of a Life Coaching relationship is about building rapport and helping you identify what is most important to you. These are your core values. How will you know if you've lived a meaningful life? Why wait until you're retired to begin tackling your bucket list? Why wait for a terminal diagnosis to begin living a meaningful life? Determining what is most important to you, a.k.a. identifying your core values, is the first step in making what is most important to you become a reality.

Turning Your Core Values into a Vision

As you begin to identify your core values, a Life Coach will ask you some hard questions. Are the decisions you routinely make in keeping with your core values? Are your relationships expressions of your core values? Does your career cultivate your core values? Do you live your life in a way that is in keeping with your core values? If you didn't answer yes to each of these questions, you don't have a clear vision for your future or maybe there's a hidden core value driving your decisions. A Life Coach will help you make the changes necessary so you can answer each of these questions with a resounding YES! In essence, a Life Coach helps you see your own vision, even when you didn't know it was there.

Crafting a Plan and Achieving Your Vision

Identifying your core values and turning them into a vision for your future pave the way for further work with a Life Coach. Together, you can craft a plan of action that will guide your success. Ask yourself... "Do I live my life proactively or reactively?" Most people would say that their lives are reactive. They react to the rigors of life as we all must do. I really encourage you to ask yourself, "Am I reacting because I believe it is what is expected of me? Am I reacting in a way that is dictated to me? Am I reacting (or choosing to not react) as an expression of my core values?" An experienced Life Coach will help you transition from a reactive life, to a proactive life; from a life of simply doing, to a life of becoming the person you want yourself to be.

Moving Forward with Your Life

Every day is a day for growth. Every day is a day of progress. Every day is a day of becoming. This perspective is the beginning of change. There is an enormous amount of hope that accompanies the acceptance of the responsibility for your own choices and their consequences. No one else takes the blame; no one else gets the credit. Don't live your life as a victim (if you're vilifying someone, you're living as a victim!) Don't let fear debilitate you. It's time to put fear in your rear view mirror, take charge of your life, and move forward with positive changes.

Tuning up Your Relationships

You have more to offer to your relationships than you realize. Envision, if you dare, what your most significant relationships would be like if you engaged in them with the confidence that comes with realizing these two facts; you are responsible for the success of the relationship and you have the gifts and abilities to contribute to that success. It stands to reason that the quality of interpersonal relationships is directly related to the quality of the people who participate in them. If you want to tune up your relationships, you must start with tuning up your own life. Working with a Life Coach is a great step towards accomplishing this task.

Making Better Decisions

Finally, it only makes sense that a Life Coach will assist you in making better decisions. When the answers to why you do what you do meet with your own exacting scrutiny, you can embrace the consequences with assurance and peace, even when the outcome isn't completely favorable. Decision making becomes purposeful rather than pragmatic or convenient. Making decisions based on convenience often times erodes our own core values, vision of our future, plan of actions, and ultimately, our long-term success. Choosing to work with a Life Coach is one of the most important decisions you can make for yourself and your future!