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A Life Coach offers a professional partnership uniquely designed to help you evaluate and enhance the purpose and meaning of your life.

Welcome to Knight Vision ConsultingAsk yourself...

A Life Coach can help you answer these questions, and more importantly, make changes in yourself so you can live more intentionally and more purposefully.

If you're interested in learning more about how Life Coaching can benefit you, check out the Life Coaching page. If you want to learn more about Jim, his experience, his values, his vision, and his life, the Meet Jim page is the place to go. Still not sure Life Coaching is for you? Read through the Testimonials to learn more about how Jim has helped others just like you.

Take charge of your life! Hire a Life Coach to help you get past the negativity in your life, improve upon and focus on the positive gifts you've been given, and fulfill your potential by soaring above and beyond your wildest dreams. Take the first step and Contact Jim today!