Meet Jim Knight

Jim Knight

Knight Vision Consulting: What's in a Name?

The name Knight Vision Consulting is full of meaning. Of course, Knight represents Jim's last name and the importance of family connections. Knight Vision was chosen as a play on the term "night-vision". It conveys the idea that a Life Coach helps one see through the darkness to make progress or find direction in their lives. However, Life Coaching doesn't stop there. Life Coaching is also about "vision consulting", helping one refine their personal vision and work towards achieving it. Thus, Knight Vision Consulting was established as a Life Coaching practice specializing in helping people find direction in their lives so they may define and achieve their own personal vision.

Experience: How Important is It?

Jim holds a Bachelor's degree in Psychology, a Master's degree in Counseling, and he's an ordained Minister. For the past 24 years, Jim has been providing Life Coaching to people within the context of state social work, counseling, chaplaincy, and pastoring three churches. Jim has been helping clients, patients, congregations, family and friends create real change in their lives and he's confident he can help you get moving again so you can be the person you want to be, achieve your goals with purpose and fulfill your vision for your life.

Values: What's Behind Jim's Vision?

Core Values

Jim's core values are Faith, Family, Future, Freedom, Fine Art, and Fitness:


Jim's vision can simply be stated as: Bringing vision to life, one life at a time.

Mission Statement

Jim's mission is simply this: To first live the kind of focused and purposeful life I want for my clients, and then to bring them the hope, vision and motivation necessary to experience the beauty of a life well lived.


Jim and his wife, Cathy, live in North Carolina and have a blended family of five teenage to young adult children. His interests are varied and include bicycling, motorcycling, hockey, fishing, backpacking and ceramics. You can find his pottery at